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Dates for the 2016/17 Academic Year

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Dates for the 2018/19 Academic Year


Admissions 2018/2019
 Please see below for the timeline for applications:
6th November 2017    Online system opens for you to apply online
15th January 2018       Deadline to apply for a school place
16th April 2018            National Allocation

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Admission Policy Reception.2019.20


Admission Criteria
Tour Dates for Nursery:
Nursery Tours are being held on the following dates and times. If you would like to visit please ring the school office to book on a tour.
Friday 19th January, 9.30am
Thursday 25th January, 9.30am
Wednesday 31st January, 9.30am
Tuesday 6th February, 9.30am


Nursery Application Form

Before and After School

mergency Closure

Hertfordshire County Council have signed up to Everbridge for the schools closure notification system. In order for parents to receive notification directly from Everbridge on a school closure, it is possible to sign up to their system.

To sign up parents need to use the following web address:

This will take you direct to the ‘Sign up’ page where you should click on the sign up button located at the top right hand side of the page on the grey strip and from there follow the instructions. It should take no more than 5 minutes to register and you can edit your information at any time should you change your mobile number or email address.

Each contact within the system can have 2 devices added for each communication type, this means that in addition to adding your own mobile number and email address, you could include the mobile number and email address of a second contact person in your registration process. They too would then receive any messages in relation to the school’s closure.

If you have children at more than one school you can also register for those schools in a single registration process by selecting all the schools.

Once signed up you will receive messages relating to the status of our school.