Year 5 – Home Learning

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

14th September 2020

spellings 11th – Friday 18th September

Week 2. 11th November 2019



 21st September 2019


Week 3. 17th November 2019


Week 3.  23rd September 2019



Week 4. 25th November 2019


 Week 4. 30th September 2019



Week 5. 2nd December 2019


 Week 5. 7th October 2019



Week 6. 9th December 2019


week 6. 13th October 2019



week 7. 21st October 2019




Spring 1

Spring 2

week 1. 6th January 2020



Week 1. 24th February 2020


 Week 2. 13th January 2020


week 2. 2nd March 2020


Week 3. 20th January 2020


Week 3. 9th March 2020


Week 4. 27th January 2020

Spellings 1


 Week 4. 16th March 2020


Dictation 1

Week 5. 3rd February 2020

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Week beginning 23rd March 2020–Home Learning

Home learning/Online letter

23rd March 2020–Timetable

24th March 2020–Timetable

25th March 2020–Timetable

26th March 2020–Timetable

27th March 2020–Timetable



 Week 6. 10th February 2020

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Week beginning 30th March 2020–Home Learning

30th March 2020–Timetable

31st March 2020–Timetable

1st April 2020–Timetable

2nd April 2020–Timetable

3rd April 2020–Timetable



Mindfulness colouring1

mindfulness colouring2


Summer 1

Summer 2

Y5 Home Learning Overview–20th April 2020

Mindfulness colouring sheets



How to draw a bird

Grammar support word maps

Y5 Home Learning Overview–1st June 2020

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Cezanne PowerPoint

Buddhism PowerPoint

SPAG mat 1

SPAG mat 2

 Y5 Home Learning Overview–27th April 2020



Punctuation and grammar activity cards

Year 5 vocabulary Grammar and Punctuation Terminology

How to write a story checklist

Higher vocabulary cards for story writing.

Y5 Home Learning Overview–8th June 2020

Spellings 1–connected with online spelling quiz

Spellings 2

Eight-fold path PowerPoint

SPAG mat 3

SPAG mat 4

Y5 Home Learning Overview–4th May 2020

Punctuation and grammar activity cards

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Andy Warhol PowerPoint

Soup cans template-option 1

Soup cans template-option 3

‘VE’ Day activities sheet

Fun Maths Activities

Y5 Home Learning Overview–15th June 2020

Spellings 1–PDF

Spellings 2

Spag mat 5

Spag mat 6

Grammar and punctuation–modal verbs

Buddhism—Wesak PowerPoint

Wesak—design a poster template

Wesak–acrostic poem


 Y5 Home Learning Overview–11th May 2020

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Viking comprehension—Victorious Viking

Viking comprehension—long boats

Viking long boats-information

Viking Long Boat paper template

Pointillism PowerPoint

Grammar and Punctuation—improving sentences

2D/3diy competition guide and rules

Multiplication grid guidance

Y5 Home Learning Overview 22nd June 2020

Online spellings sheet

Spellings 2

100 word challenge–A bottle full of stars

‘NightHawks’ writing prompt

Vincent Van Gogh–‘The Chair’

Grammar and punctuation.test 1

Grammar and punctuation.test 2

Paper Roller Coaster Templates


 Y5 Home Learning Overview–18th May 2020

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

Anthony Caro PowerPoint

Art Online lesson link

Y5 Home Learning Overview 29th June 2020

Paul Nash—writing prompt

Maths Mat 1

Maths Mat 2

L.S. Lowry PowerPoint

Lowry–Art activity

The Blitz–PowerPoint

Anderson Shelter template 1

Anderson Shelter template 2

Grammar and punctuation test 3

Grammar and punctuation test 4


Y5 home Learning Overview 6th July 2020

Evelyn Dunbar—writing prompt

Maths Mat 1

Maths Mat2

Grammar and punctuation test 5

Grammar and punctuation test 6

Buddhism–forgiveness PowerPoint

Blitz art work ideas

Internet age restrictions–Did you know


Y5 Home Learning Overview 13th July 2020

English transition booklet

Maths transition booklet

‘All About Me’ transition booklet

Paul Klee portrait

Paul Klee portrait template