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Our Vision & Values

Our School Motto is: Together we learn; Together with God

Our Vision:

At Park Street, we are committed to creating a school community of happy and confident lifelong learners equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to FLOURISH and lead successful lives.

‘At Park Street, we FLOURISH!’

Focus on excellence

Learn together

Overcome barriers

Understand our values

Respect others

Include everyone

Strive for success

Have fun!

To live out our vision means that we need a set of foundational Christian values on which to build our school.

Our Values are:

Courage; Love; Joy & Truth

These values are woven into all facets of life and teaching within our school. From our values we derived a set of aims to inspire all in the school community to exercise these values in daily life at the school.

Our Aims are:

To foster a lifelong love of learning with children achieving their full potential using creative inquiring minds.

To encourage spiritual growth with an understanding of Christian faith and values.

To develop children who can build good relationships with others based on personal self-esteem and love of others.

To build people who are responsible citizens of the whole community with a concern for their environment.

These aims are simplified as follows to make it easier for the children to understand and embrace them: We want to learn and always do as well as we can. We want to understand more about God and how He wants us to live. We will love and care for each other. We will look after our world and everything in it.

Our School Vision, Values & Aims were developed with input from all members of the school community.