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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Highlight of the Week 9/5/2022: This week in Year 1 we have started our Science topic about plants. The children compared the differences and similarities between different plants and seeds. As part of the learning, the children will be keeping plant diaries to see and record how the plants grow. The class were excited to plant the peas and water them. They are now on the window sill and we will start recording on our diaries next week.


Highlight of the Week 28/3/2022: Year 1's Highlight of the week was our visit to Standalone Farm in Letchworth Garden City as part of our Geography topic 'At The Farm'. The children were very excited, and they got to see a variety of farm animals including sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, llamas, and a very large turkey. The children had lunch in the barn and explored the Woodland Trial. The children enjoyed playing in the playground which they had all to themselves before a very quiet coach journey home. A lovely day enjoyed by all the children and adults.


Highlight of the Week 21/3/2022: This week as part of our Fruit and Vegetable topic in Design and Technology the children in Year 1 learnt how to prepare and cut food safely. The children did a fantastic job of holding their knives and cutting the fruit and vegetables carefully.


Highlight of the Week 14/3/2022: In Year 1 this week we used our geographical skills to navigate our way around a map. The children worked in pairs and used the four compass points to help them answer the questions. Well done everyone! 


Highlight of the Week 07/3/2022: Our highlight of the week was learning all about the Eat Well Plate and what we need to eat to make sure we get a balanced diet.

Highlight of the Week 28/2/2022: Year 1's highlight of the week was our launch day for our new topic 'On The Farm'. The children were invited to wear a farmer outfit, and they all potted tomato seeds. We also completed a range of farm activities including designing our own farm and drawing our favourite farm animals.


Highlight of the Week 21/2/2022: Our highlight of the week was practising dribbling skills in PE


Highlight of the Week 07/2/2022: Our highlight of the week was thinking about what would happen if Beegu came to Park Street and started playing in the playground. We thought about what we would say and questions we would ask her.


Highlight of the Week 31/1/2022: Our highlight of the week is the fantastic animal prints created by the children as part of our printmaking topic.

Highlight of the Week 24/1/2022: In Year 1, we have been thinking about how we can keep ourselves healthy as part of our RHE topic 'Keeping Myself Safe'. We listened to a song about different foods and then discussed what we can do to keep healthy such as drinking plenty of water, making sure we get a good night’s sleep and eating the right foods.


Highlight of the Week 17/1/2022: This week in Art we started our new topic - Printmaking. The children spent the afternoon using a variety of tools to create different prints.

Highlight of the Week 10/1/2022: Highlight of the week in Year 1 was our 'Blast Off' launch. The children were news reporters reporting for Park Street Press and wrote a news report about a spaceship landing and the mysterious creature who was inside.