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Year 1 - Willow Class

Welcome to Year 1!

Highlight of the week 10/06/2024: Year 1 had great fun today during phonics. We used a new website called Phonics Play which has lots of great free resources for us to use. It has shown to be quite useful and students are showing more confidence in their phonics throughout the weeks.

Highlight of the week 20/05/2024: The children in Year 1 have created amazing paintings based on Kandinsky's Concentric Circles in a Square. Don't they look fabulous!


Highlight of the week 06/05/2024: Year 1 really enjoyed making circle art in the playground in the style of Molly Haslund. They drew circles with coloured chalk and overlapped them to make an interesting piece of art.


Highlight of the week 22/04/2024: We had so much fun role-playing our new focus English book, Rapunzel. We practised and then performed it following the story board we verbalised first. Can you see the props we used? We even had long, glorious blonde hair, just like the character in the book.


Highlight of the week 25/03/2024: This week we have been busy preparing for Easter - practising our songs for the Easter service as well as making our lovely Easter cards. The children have worked very carefully on their designs.


Highlight of the week 11/03/2024: As part of Science Week, Year 1 enjoyed participating in an experiment to see what effects fruit had on the setting of jelly. We discovered that pineapple stops jelly from setting, but strawberries and apples do not.


Highlight of the week 26/02/2024: Hosanna, Hosanna…… Year 1 loved learning about the events of Palm Sunday and particularly liked the role-play where they each re-enacted Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem upon a donkey. We made palm leaves and waved them, applauding and cheering ‘….Blessed be the King of Israel who comes in the name of the Lord’

Highlight of the week 05/02/2024: Following on from our theme of ‘Belonging’, Year 1 learnt how Christians welcome a new baby to their faith. We all took part in role-playing the baptism of Betty and played the part of parents, Godparents, the Vicar and guests. We read prayers and sang hymns too. Betty didn’t even cry when the water touched her head….

Highlight of the week 22/01/2024: This Tuesday, Year 1 visited the Radlett Reform Synagogue. It was a great morning, learning lots of new things as well as seeing our previous learning in action. We looked at the prayer books and found Hebrew writing, we dressed in a tallit and kippah and tasted some food. We had the opportunity to look at the Torah close up and spotted many features of the synagogue including the Ark and lovely stained glass windows. It was lots of fun!


Highlight of the week 08/01/2024: Year 1 had a great time during their Forest School session developing their building skills and exploring their natural environment. The children had a lovey session despite the cold weather.


Highlight of the week 06/11/2023: As part of our Launch Day for our new topic 'An African Adventure' we have really enjoyed creating our own animal masks.

Highlight of the week 30/10/2023: This half-term, our focus text for our English lessons is 'The Bog Baby', so this week we went on a hunt around the school grounds looking for our own Bog Baby. First, we looked in our playground, then in the woods and in a puddle. We eventually found our Bog Baby hiding in the boat on the apparatus!


Highlight of the week 16/10/2023: During our RE lessons, we have been learning about Harvest. As part of Black History Month, we read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and looked at different fruits that are grown and harvested in Africa. We then used our painting skills to work together and create this lovely display.

Highlight of the week 09/10/2023: We had a great time at forest school this week playing lots of games, going on the swing and in the hammock and making delicious things to eat in the mud kitchen.


Highlight of the week 02/10/2023: We have had another busy week in Year 1! We performed brilliantly during our sharing assembly, demonstrating fantastic acting and singing skills, and as part of 'National Poetry Day' we worked together as a class to write our own poem about our treasures.


Highlight of the week 25/09/2023: We have had a lovely time this week celebrating 'Languages Day.' We started the day by listening to Aylin's mum read us a story about a penguin in Romanian and then Fran shared a book about a monster in Spanish with us. We ended the day by making flags with the 'welcome' written in Dutch. A great day was had by all!


Highlight of the week 18/09/2023: Our book corner display is finished! We have all worked really hard to make it look as amazing as it does!

Highlight of the week 11/09/2023: We have all had a fantastic first week in Year 1, and we thoroughly enjoyed decorating fish for our book corner display. We also had great fun in one of our maths lessons this week, creating number lines for our working wall.