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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Highlight of the Week 09/5/2022: In our art lesson, we looked at Kandinsky's circles and used this artwork to inspire our own concentric circle paintings.

Highlight of the Week 02/5/2022: As part of our science lessons, we have been learning about plants, and we drew a selection of fruits and vegetables that we would like to grow on our own imaginary farms.


Highlight of the Week 25/4/2022: To finish our art work on 'Magnificent Monarchs', we chose either Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I or Queen Elizabeth II and created our own collage to represent her.


Highlight of the Week 28/3/2022: In RE this half-term, we have been thinking about why Easter matters to Christians and this week, we ended our learning by creating a whole class painting depicting the events of the first Easter Sunday.

Highlight of the Week 21/3/2022: We had a fantastic time at Reveley Lodge on our class trip. We were able to experience a Victorian style school lesson and learn what it was like to live in a Victorian house. We assisted the laundry maid as we found out what it would have been like to work in a Victorian house as a servant, and we visited the Victorian kitchen and compared it with a modern kitchen. To end the morning, we sat down to tea using Victorian china and we were shown how to eat bread and jam and cake as upper-class children would have done.


Highlight of the Week 14/3/2022: During Science Week linking in with this year's theme of 'growth' and as part of our science topic plants, we planted sunflower seeds in our school grounds. We are hoping to see them start to grow soon and brighten up our outdoor area.


Highlight of the Week 07/3/2022: This week we were absolutely delighted and excited to receive a reply to our letters that  we wrote to Her Majesty the Queen! I agree that the letters that the children wrote were splendid - well done Maple Class!!


Highlight of the Week 28/2/2022: During our English lessons, Maple Class have been reading the book 'The Queen's Hat.' This week, we used our imaginations to write a diary entry from the point of view of the hat. We had to think carefully about where the hat went and how it could be feeling as it went along its journey.


Highlight of the Week 21/2/2022: As part of our launch day for our new history topic 'Magnificent Monarchs', we wrote letters to Her Majesty the Queen. We are eagerly awaiting a response and hope that she answers some of the interesting questions that we have asked her.


Highlight of the Week 07/2/2022: This week as part of our science lessons about materials, we investigated the question 'Is wax waterproof?' We put some water onto two pieces of paper - one with wax and one with no wax. We observed what happened and concluded that wax is waterproof because the water didn't drip through the piece of paper with wax on. You were great scientists Maple Class, well done!


Highlight of the Week 31/1/2022: Year 2 celebrated Chinese New Year by making fruit salads. They were experts at preparing the fruit by chopping, peeling and grating and their finished products looked fantastic! Well done, Maple Class!


Highlight of the Week 24/1/2022: As part of our 'Globetrotters' topic in our Design and Technology lessons, Year 2 have been learning about Asian food. We 'visited' China and made our very own spring rolls. They looked and tasted delicious!


 Highlight of the Week 17/1/2022: In Year 2 this week, we have started our new science topic, 'Everyday Materials'. We thought about properties of materials and why objects are made from certain materials based on these properties.


Highlight of the Week 10/1/2022: As part of our Launch Day for our next topic 'Globetrotters', Maple Class looked at different examples of Aboriginal Art. We then made our own dot paintings which were inspired by the art that we looked at.