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Year 3/ 4

Welcome to Year 3 & 4!

Highlight of the Week 13/6/2022: Elm class had a wonderful trip this week to St Alban's Cathedral. During the visit they got to try on some Roman armour, take part in an interactive trail around the Cathedral and learnt all about Alban. They even got to have a picnic in the park and travel on the local train. A very successful trip!

Highlight of the Week 06/6/2022: In PE this week, Elm Class worked on their under arm passing. As you can see from the picture, they had lots of fun!

Highlight of the Week 23/5/2022: Well done Elm class for a fantastic Sharing Assembly today! You were all fabulous!

Highlight of the Week 16/5/2022: In Science, Elm class learnt all about the male and female parts of a plant ready to learn about pollination and fertilisation. The children had lots of fun dissecting a flower!

Highlight of the Week 09/5/2022: Elm class had to learn to play notes C A G on a Glockenspiel, as part of their music lesson this week. They then had to play these notes in time to a piece of disco music. As you can see, they all worked hard and played a beautiful piece of music!

Highlight of the Week 02/5/2022: In Forest School, a group of children from Year 3 worked with a group of children from Year 2, to make a piece of artwork using only twigs and leaves.  Can you work out what their art is all about?

Highlight of the Week 25/4/2022: Elm Class had a visitor in for RE this week, to talk about Ramadan and Eid-Ul-Fitr. They were able to ask our visitor lots of questions and found out lots about why a Muslim fasts during Ramadan.

Highlight of the Week 28/3/2022: Easter cards by Elm class.

Highlight of the Week 21/3/2022: Today, Elm class learnt how to make a healthy sandwich, where they used new skills of grating, chopping, slicing, cutting and spreading. After they had made their healthy sandwiches, they learnt how to write a set of instructions.

Highlight of the Week 14/3/2022: As part of Science week, all the children were given seeds to plant. Here is Elm Class planting lavender, sunflowers, cornflower, and a special mix to attract bees.

Highlight of the Week 07/3/2022: Here are a group of Y3 children investigating the strength of magnets. They had to see how many paper clips the magnet would pick up in a chain. As you can see, they had lots of fun!

Highlight of the Week 28/2/2022: The children in Elm class had lots of fun investigating magnets for their Science lesson this week. They also sorted materials into those which were magnetic and those which were not.

Highlight of the Week 21/2/2022: Elm class had lots of fun investigating friction in this week's Science lesson. They had to investigate different surfaces to see which one caused the most friction. Here is one groups' investigation.

Highlight of the Week (07/2/2022): For one of their learning projects, Y3/Y4 had to find out about Stonehenge. Here is an example of one of their projects.

Highlight of the Week (31/1/2022): Elm class had a great time at Waltham Abbey for their Stone Age Discovery Day. Mrs Lovelock said they should all be very proud of their behaviour and their knowledge of the Stone Age. Enjoy the pictures!


Highlight of the Week (24/1/2022): Year 3 & 4 learnt about different types of fossils and how they are formed. They even looked at fossils the class teacher had brought in from home.

Highlight of the Week (17/1/2022): Y3 & Y4 designed and made a crane with a winding mechanism for their design and technology project.

Highlight of the Week (10/1/2022): Year 3-4 have just started learning about the Stone Age. One of the tasks for our Launch Day was to make a paintbrush using only natural materials. Here is a photo to show you what they made.