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Year 4 - Ash Class

Welcome to Year 4!

Highlight of the week 05/02/2024: This week was mental health week and with this in mind we spent a lesson discussing what mental health is and how we can help keep a healthy mind. We decided that one way we could do this was by creating a poster about all the things we are proud of for this year. This helped us to build ourselves up and feel good about ourselves. Well done Year 4!


Highlight of the week 22/01/2024: This week’s field trip was one for the books! We absolutely loved our field trip to Pizza Express and a bonus adventure to the library where we listened to stories and explored the different books on offer. At Pizza Express, we learnt how to make pizzas from a real pizza maker from rolling out the dough to delicately placing the cheese. Overall, it was a truly wonderful experience for the class and one we won’t forget. 


Highlight of the week 08/01/2024: Year 4 had their first coaching session with Watford Football Club today and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the outdoor activities and learning about their resting pulse rates.


Highlight of the week 13/11/2023: This week we have been looking at our times table facts. We have been doing this by using cubes to represent multiples of numbers and multiplication equations. This has allowed us to further explore and show representations of one-digit numbers times by a tens number e.g. 6 X 30. The class thoroughly enjoyed this lesson which fostered some great learning.


Highlight of the week 06/11/2023: This week, the Year 4 class had two amazing PE lessons. On Wednesday, we learnt how to exercise and strengthen our body in a fun and engaging way! We did this by doing various exercises in competitions. On Thursday, we had a fun gymnastics lesson where we were challenged to complete a gymnastics themed obstacle course. This tested various gymnastics skills namely, balancing, landing, rolling and body movement. An awesome week of physical activities for the Year 4s.


Highlight of the week 30/10/2023: In Year 4, we introduced the kids to our new topic by exploring the Romans. In the morning, we had a carousel of four activities, each lasting 15 minutes. The first activity was a Roman Feast! We ate grapes, oranges, tomatoes, cheese and bread and created our own delicious menu. The second activity was to build Roman sandals. They were a bit too small, even for our feet, but they looked great! For the third activity, we made dice with Roman numerals. Our task was to pick a physical activity and do it the number of times which appeared on the dice, e.g. If the dice landed on V we had to do 5 star jumps. The final task was to create our own Roman mosaic. Overall, it was an EPIC launch day and the Year 4s are ready to explore the Romans.


Highlight of the week 16/10/2023: This week's highlight was our volcano experiment. Throughout the term, we have been learning about volcanoes and the class have been working hard making their very own volcanoes in DT. This ended with the awesome experiment of creating volcanic eruptions! What an amazing way to end what has been a great half-term. Well done Year 4!

Highlight of the week 09/10/2023: This week's highlight of the week has been making our volcanoes. We started the design by taping a bottle to a base in the shape of a volcano. We then took newspaper and paper mâché and created the volcanic layers, and finally we painted our awesome volcanoes. Overall, the class had so much fun, and we cannot wait to create volcanic eruptions with our projects.


Highlight of the week 02/10/2023: This week's highlight of the week was our PE lesson. Coach George taught us different shooting techniques, and we practised these by shooting into a small target. We loved working on our skills during this lesson, and we look forward to an exciting term of PE.


Highlight of the week 25/09/2023: We absolutely loved our day learning different languages and celebrating all the different countries we have at our school. At the end of the day, we made flags with the word 'welcome' (in their respective language) for a whole school display. Overall, it was an awesome day enjoyed by everyone.


Highlight of the week 18/09/2023: Year 4 loved their music lesson with Mrs Killin this week.


Highlight of the week 11/09/2023: Year 4 is officially under way and what an amazing start it has been. Last week, we kicked off with our WOW day and it was superb. We learnt about volcanoes and what they are. We simulated an emergency evacuation and the class had to find items on the playground to help them survive in such a situation. We also made a volcano display. We ended the day by creating a volcanic eruption using different materials. Overall, it was an awesome day of learning about volcanoes, and we are ready for our topic this term!