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Year 5/6 - Pine Class

Welcome to Year 5/6!

Highlight of the week 06/05/2024: Pine Class have thoroughly enjoyed this term's science unit about Earth and Space; lots on investigating and creating. On the theme of Out of this World, children have been planning out of this world narratives with other worldly elements to it. The children also worked really hard in showcasing all their wonderful learning in their Family Worship, which the children lead and took responsibility for.


Highlight of the week 22/04/2024: Year 5/6 have had a superb start to the Summer Term! They have had lots of fun becoming weather men and weather women learning from meteorologists and trying to become them, when creating their own weather report. We also really enjoyed participating in World Art Day creating our wonderful flowers. Furthermore, having started our science unit on Space, children are loving creating their 3D version of the heliocentric model.


Highlight of the week 25/03/2024: Year 5/6 have had a busy run up to the end of Spring Term! We have had a fantastic trip to the British Museum, children and adults alike learned a lot about Ancient Greece through their pottery, sculptures and temple walls. Children have also thoroughly enjoyed learning about Good Friday in detail and creating their own Haikus.


Highlight of the week 11/03/2024: Pine Class had a fantastic time creating their very own water clocks! They had to use their measuring skills to be able to cut their bottle, 1/3 of the way down. Children then enjoyed creating their own solutions with a combination of food colouring and water. They then had to carefully draw a line every minute, at the point the water line was at. Children really enjoyed being observant and seeing how fast or slow the water trickled down. They also thought of reasons why their water may be going slower e.g trapped air or too much water blocking the path.


Highlight of the week 26/02/2024: Launch Day fun in Year 5/6. We have started our half term off by looking at myths and legends we have previously encountered. Then, we started discussing how the Ancient Greeks believed in many myths and how a lot of what we see today in shows are based on these older myths. They then had the opportunity for some fun, creative time, where they were then able to create their very own mythical creature.


Highlight of the week 05/02/2024: As part of Mental Health Week, Pine Class thought about all the positive aspects of themselves and what they are proud of in different areas of their lives. Not only that, but we then furthered this learning in our English lessons, writing persuasive speeches about a way to improve a child's life. Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this week. During our spirituality session this week, children had to reflect on their identity and what makes them unique.


Highlight of the week 22/01/2024: Year 5/6 This week Year 5/6 had an amazing week in Mini Police getting to try on parts of their uniform. Not only that, but they also had the chance to see the inside of the vehicle and try out the sirens.


Highlight of the week 08/01/2024: Ancient Greek Launch Day: We had an absolute blast, experiencing the mini-Olympics, making temples and exploring the creation of mosaics. Looking forward to many more exciting launch days.

Highlight of the week 06/11/2023: This half-term, Year 5/6 have started to learn how to take visual notes within Art. Within our unit, about monotype printing, we have also been learning about mark making, different types of print and a specific artist as inspiration. Please take a look at our amazing visual notes so far!


Highlight of the week 16/10/2023: Year 5/6 have had an amazing week, finishing their non-chronological reports and enjoying learning about Valerie Thomas as our inspirational figure.


Highlight of the week 09/10/2023: The children in Y5/Y6 loved making 'empanadas' as part of their topic on Sensational South America. They looked and tasted amazing!

Highlight of the week 02/10/2023: This week Year 5/6 completed a fun investigation and looked at all the layers of an egg whilst learning about the life cycles of birds.


Highlight of the week 25/09/2023: The children in Y5/6 enjoyed their Celebration of Languages and a wonderful Harvest Service.


Highlight of the week 18/09/2023: In art, we have enjoyed practising our sketching, rubbing and watercolour skills using a leaf. We have also enjoyed figuring out how to print using the leaf.

Highlight of the week 11/09/2023: Year 5/6 have started off the year with a bang! We travelled to South America to visit their carnival celebrations and joined in by creating our own carnival head pieces. The children have kicked off the year brilliantly and have enjoyed seeing each other and starting their new learning journeys for this academic year.