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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Highlight of the Week 09/5/2022: This week’s highlight of the week was our exciting music lesson with Mrs Killin. This term we are learning about Motown music. The class loved finding out about the different melodies and different genres of Motown music. After all this amazing learning, everyone had a chance to play on the glockenspiels, hitting those melodic notes. Well done Year 5 for producing such wonderful music. Thank you, Mrs Killin, for an amazing lesson, we cannot wait to show off our music skills soon! 


Highlight of the Week 02/5/2022: This week’s highlight of the week was our school field trip to St Albans Cathedral. We started our exciting field trip by taking the Abbey Line train from How Wood to St Albans Abbey station. We loved this fantastic experience and the chance to ride the train together. Once we arrived in St Albans, we walked up the hill to the Cathedral, upon which we watched a wonderful puppet show. The puppet show was performed by the Young People’s Puppet Theatre and was about the story of Lord Grimthorpe - the Cathedral’s eccentric Victorian architect. It was an amazing experience, and we cannot wait to go on our next Year 5 field trip!


Highlight of the Week 25/4/2022: This week’s highlight of the week was our amazing English lesson on writing mythical stories. The class loved exploring ideas of mythical creatures and tales. Once we had a look at these amazing themes, the class had the opportunity to write their very own mythical story. It has been wonderful to see such creative writing and fantastic use of the English language, using grammar they have learnt throughout the year. Thank you Year 5s for a lovely English lesson and I am looking forward to reading all your adventurous stories!


Highlight of the Week 21/3/2022: This week’s highlight of the week has to be our awesome ‘open mic’ poetry performance in English class. Over the past week, the class has been learning about mythical poems and rhyming couplets. This led to everyone being so excited about myths and poetry that we had to make some of our own poetry using different mythical creatures as our inspiration. However, the real inspiration has been how amazing and passionate Year 5s have been about poetry. This was evident at our very own ‘open mic’ poetry performance, where everybody had the chance to show off their mythical poems on stage in the hall. Thank you Year 5s for being inspiring poets!


Highlight of the Week 14/3/2022: This week’s highlight was our amazing RE lesson we had, recollecting the timeline of events that took place in the ‘big story’. The class loved exploring the path Jesus took from Palm Sunday to the Last Supper and to his burial and resurrection. We all had a turn to act out a particular scene of events and learnt from each other’s freeze frames. Overall, it was wonderful to find out more about Easter and why we celebrate it. Thank you Year 5s for a lovely RE lesson!


Highlight of the Week 07/3/2022: This week we were lucky enough to have the ‘Action Mats’ company come in and give a demonstration and workshop day. The ‘Action Mats’ company showed us how to use the Action Mats and the Physical benefits of exercising. We learnt how amazing health and exercise is, and how we can use the mats to make our own games for PE. Year 5 love using the Action Mats to get a good sweat for the day!


Highlight of the Week 28/2/2022: This week we celebrated ‘World Book Day’. It was an amazing day filled with enriching activities celebrating books and learning about the importance of books. We had a lovely assembly about books, we took part in a ‘Masked Reader’ whole school competition, we got to make our own book covers, and we also got to ‘Show and Tell’ our own favourite book. Overall, it was an inspiring day for all! Year 5 love reading books!

Highlight of the Week 21/2/2022: This term in History we are learning all about Modern Greece, and to kickstart this topic we celebrated the magnificent event: ‘The Olympic Games’. We learnt and compared the ancient Olympic games to the modern games looking at how athletes participated and how the games were run. Members of the class were put into groups and each group chose a country to represent at our very first Park Street Olympic Games! To start the games off, each group gave ceremonial offerings to the judges and then, THE GAMES BEGAN! WOW, what an amazing first Olympic games the Year 5 class had!


Highlight of the Week 07/2/2022: Highlight of the week without a doubt was our 'Well-being Movement Workshop'. Premier Sports came in to do a wonderful workshop on well-being which taught the class the importance of mental health and how to deal with emotions. We loved learning about the impact of movement and dance, and how this can have a positive impact on our mental health. Overall, it was a brilliant workshop, and we loved every minute of it!


Highlight of the Week 31/1/2022: Highlight of this week has got to be our amazing and simply jaw dropping pottery class in Art. We loved learning about the different techniques on how to make a pot, and we used these techniques to make our very own ancient Greek pot. We had so much fun making our pots, and it was wonderful to see everyone’s different designs. Next week, we shall be painting our pottery, and we cannot wait to show you! Congratulations Ash class, and we can’t wait to see the finished product!


Highlight of the Week 24/1/2022: This week in PE the class learnt all about how to create an interpretative battle to display a battle scene Greek dance. We loved learning about the different sequencing and technical moves, and how to put these together to make a flow of movements. We also had to use these moves with control and balance to create exaggerated movements. Each group had a chance to show their dance sequence which was celebrated by all. Well done, Ash class!


Highlight of the Week 17/1/2022: This week in RE we learnt all about leadership and prayer in different religions. We loved learning about the different leaders in each religion, who they are and what responsibilities they have! To celebrate all these different religions and leaders we made posters on all the different leaders of worship and prayer.

Highlight of the Week 10/1/2022: This term in Geography we are learning all about Ancient Greece. 'Wow Day' was full of fun, where we learnt how to make head wreaths which are made from different types of leaves and flowers woven into either a circle or a horseshoe shape and worn around your head. What an amazing lesson we had!