Our Core Values:
Joy : Truth : Love : Courage

The staff, children and governors welcome you to our website! We hope you find it helpful in giving you an insight into our life and work. We are all very proud of our school, particularly the excellent standards of behaviour and achievement. Underlying everything we do is the aim to provide a caring and supportive environment, through Christian teaching and example, in which children of all abilities and aptitudes can work and play hard, reach their full potential academically, grow in independence and establish relationships which are secure, considerate, open and warm. Visitors frequently comment on the calm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We believe that children feel happy and secure in this environment, and this in turn creates the best possible attitudes to learning. If you would like to know more about our school, we welcome your call or email.

Our School Prayer:

This is our school, Let peace dwell here, Let the rooms be full of contentment. Let love abide here, Love of one another, Love of mankind, Love of life itself, And love of God. Let us remember That as many hands build a house, So many hearts make a school.

Paper copies of all documents are available from the school office.